May 25, 2015

Mr. Observant

Braden is the exact opposite of Karsten. It is truly amazing to have twins and then to watch them as they observe the world in completely different ways. If these two can remain close God can use them as a perfect team! Braden has the eyes of an eagle, honestly the best of the family. No doubt he is pilot material!

He is very mechanical and loves to see how things fit together!

Most of all though, he is a lover. He loves people, being with people, and caring for people. He has a huge protective heart and is truly a sensitive soul. We love watching him interact with friends, family, and animals, and he is developing an incredible sense of humor on top of it. We are excited to watch God use him to care for people, especially Slovenes. This pic below demonstrates perfectly his ability to link people together :)

The Independent

Karsten keeps us guessing, but we have learned to really embrace the personality God has given him. No doubt we are tested, but we completely trust God is going to use him in unique ways as he continues to develop. Here is a snapshot of the things we see, sometimes daily!

Most people get tired after a big lunch!

I wish we could do this everyday!

And then there is this last pic. Karsten is in the middle of this group. These are Slovene speakers only and Karsten played for an hour with them at our church retreat - they loved it and he never thought twice about it! This last picture helps us remember the personality so strongly displayed in the first pic can have great rewards. We pray Karsten will take his independence and let God use it to change the world around him!


As a former police officer I haven't really lost my love of donuts, but they make them a little different here. Personally I prefer the plain American donut, but the kids like the size of the donuts (krofi) that Slovenia offers!